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Air Medical Memorial Park
Future site of the Air Medical Memorial

The Air Medical Memorial is a national memorial that honors flight crews who died in the line of active duty. This includes the pilots and medical crew members of both helicopter (HEMS) and airplane (FWEMS) operations. The memorial will be located southwest of the Denver metropolitan area.

When open, the memorial will feature a granite wall with the names of more than four hundred honorees lost since 1972. Names will be added if necessary in an annual ceremony and dedication.

Air Medical Memorial
Air Medical Memorial Conceptual Plan

Air Medical Memorial

The Air Medical Memorial will be an outdoor plaza occupying an area of approximately 3,000 square feet. This plaza will feature a bronze sculpture surrounded by a granite wall that includes the names of honorees. The bronze sculpture, by artist Mark Lundeen, will feature three figures that represent a typical flight crew. This will be comprised of a pilot and two medical personnel. The granite wall will include the engraved names of honorees organized by accident date. The memorial will be designed to accommodate additional names as necessary.

The Air Medical Memorial and Survivors Network are working with the design firm Stanley Consultants to further develop the concept and to ensure longevity and durability through design, construction and material selection.

Air Medical Memorial and Survivors Garden Park
Park Conceptual Site Plan

The Park

The Air Medical Memorial and Survivors Garden park is approximately 10 acres of open space located near Denver, Colorado. This land was donated to the organization to provide a suitable location for the memorial. The site includes a scenic backdrop, interesting topography, is quiet and reflective, and sits at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. When completed, the park will create an intimate and thoughtful setting for the memorial.

The entryway to the memorial and garden will include a sandstone monolith with a plaque describing the memorial, garden, and park. This plaza will also feature stone pavers that can be personalized with a custom message or dedication. The park will include a pathway that will take visitors to an overlook located on the ridge to the west of the memorial.

Conceptual Site Design 3D Animation

Video tour of the Air Medical Memorial and park site

Help Us Name the Park!

We are asking for your help in naming the park that will one day be the home of the memorial and garden. To submit park name suggestions online, visit our online submission form.

Survivors Network, Survivors Garden
Survivors Garden Conceptual Plan

Survivors Garden

This garden, founded by the Survivors Network, is dedicated to those whose lives have been changed by the unexpected, who have witnessed or experienced the depth of human suffering, and whose hearts & spirits have perhaps been broken. The garden will feature colorful perennials and a sculpture by artist Lisbeth Sabol.

Survivors Netowrk Survivors Garden
Survivors Sculpture Concept

This is a place for you to rest, reflect, and be rejuvenated,
to replenish your lost and weary soul,
to remind you that you are not alone.
In the quiet of this place may you find healing for your heart, mind, and spirit,
that leads to forgiveness, gratitude, and an acceptance of life redefined
so that peace may be yours.




The Survivors Garden is a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and a celebration of finding light in the darkness.


The Air Medical Memorial and Park is funded entirely through private donations from individuals and corporations. To learn more about the different ways that you can help fund this important project, please visit our support page.

Learn More

Download the our Information Presentation (PDF) for more details about the Air Medical Memorial, the organization, timeline and fundraising efforts. Download the Air Medical Memorial map for site location and driving directions.

Air Medical Memorial Information Presentation PDF   Air Medical Memorial Map and Directions PDF

Media Resources

Download additonal images or video of the conceptual design by visitng our media resources page.

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