Air Medical Memorial Transcript: Groundbreaking Ceremony June 23, 2011

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Mary Ann Melville

"The Medevac"

Mary Ann Melville
President, Air Medical Memorial

“The Medevac”
Into the blue, the black, the grey
Into the skies of night, of day
To cities, mountains, the towns big & small
The Medevac goes to answer the call

When lives hang in the balance, needing critical care
These selfless providers quickly take to the air
Expertly trained for their work, with skills tried and true
They are the elite, the air medical flight crew

Collective sighs of relief, when they arrive
Heard softly through prayers, “Keep this patient alive.”
Then they race through the sky, cheating death once again
To the specialty care on this flight’s other end

Yet, sadly we know, these crews don’t always come home
This mission tonight is their final one flown
On their way back, something went terribly wrong
Now we gather together, and try to be strong

They were lost in a moment, the three souls on that flight
Warmly welcomed to heaven by God on that night
They are fathers & mothers, wives, daughters and sons,
Grandchildren and colleagues, a dear friend to someone

We honor your service, we’ll always be in your debt,
Your kindness and care, we will Never Forget!
Together, We Remember, John 15:13
“To lay down his life, no greater love hath thee...”

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