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Air Medical Memorial Project Tribute
Yampa Valley Air Ambulance dedication, James Taylor, Brien Eisaman, and Marlena Yomes

Air Medical Memorial Project Tribute

A film celebrating the lives of fallen crewmembers

When an air medical mission ends in tragedy and crewmembers are lost, the ripples are felt far and wide. The effects are felt by those who knew them as caregivers, coworkers, family members and neighbors. Left behind are the people who raised them as children, knew them as mom or dad, or brother and sister, who looked to them for help in a moment of need, or counted on them day in and day out as a member of the crew.

We remember their smiles, their voices, the little things that we miss the most, and the last thing that they said before we had to say goodbye. We want others to know the memories they left behind and we want others to know them as we did.

That's why we started Project Tribute, an effort by the Air Medical Memorial to collect the images, video and more that will help us create a film telling others who these people were. This film will change names into faces and give dimension to these dynamic and heroic individuals.

Tribute FIlm Trailer

A Call For Participation

Tribute should include as many honorees as possible and we’re asking for your help. Please submit writings, stories, poems, photographs, video or anything at all that reminds you of your loved one, your friend or the stranger who came from the sky and gave you a second chance at life.

This film will be a reflection of the souls who are no longer with us and the people who are more than names in newsprint. Once completed, this film will be available online, available for download and will be expanded as necessary.

Use the form below to submit attachments such as photographs and text documents. For video, or items that can’t be emailed, you can use the mailing address below or contact us by phone at 720-340-2040 to make arrangements.

Air Medical Memorial
PO Box 842
Castle Rock, CO 80104

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  By submitting this form, I grant permission to the Air Medical Memorial to use submitted materials for use in Project Tribute and on this web site.
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